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Frostbite first aid - 3 - Dosta aid statuslar 2015

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Webmd tells you how to recognize frostbite and what to do to help a person until medical care arrives.

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Frostbite happens when parts of the skin and other tissues freeze due to low temperatures frostbite usually affects the fingers and toes as they are the parts of the body furthest from the heart if someone has severe frostbite then they might permanently lose all feeling in that part of their body frostbite can also lead to gangrene when the blood vessels and soft tissues become permanently damaged.

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frostbite is a medical condition in which the tissues that are lying under the skin and the skin itself freeze because of exposure to highly cold or extreme temperatures.

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Dont use dry heat such as a fireplace oven or heating pad to thaw frostbite dont break any blisters warm the frostbitten parts in warm not hot water for about 30 minutes.

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Frostbite most often occurs on skin exposed to cold such as on the face or ears and on extremities such as fingers and toes skin that is mildly frostbitten may look either reddened or white when frostbite becomes more severe the skin may appear blistered and possibly blackened.

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first aid for frostbite what to doit is ly recommended that with any case of frostbite mild to severe that it be seen by medical help as soon as possible because treatment is best done by a medical professional to decrease the risk of further damage and increase the survival of the affected part.

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First aid for frostbite if medical assistance isnt available the following steps can be taken to treat frostbite and hypothermia protect your skin from further exposure.

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